Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

On an IPO we can assist the Company as follows:
+ “Going Public” Decision - Assist the Company to determine whether it is the right decision to go public, and in selecting the appropriate public market;
+ Capital Structure & IPO Strategy - Review the Company’s capital structure, perform valuation assessment and assist in developing an overall IPO strategy;
+ Optimal Offer Size - Assist management in determining an optimal offer size;
+ Listing particulars / prospectus - Assist the Company in preparing the listing particulars;
+ Information Meetings - Coordinate information meetings and presentations to underwriters;
+ Underwriter Selection - Identify and evaluate potential underwriters, assessing their industry experience, retail and institutional distribution capability, and after-issue support;
+ Offer Terms - Assist in negotiating the terms of the prospective offer;
+ Execution Management - Monitor the execution phase and provide assistance in renegotiating post-IPO terms and covenants with lenders.