Joint Ventures & Alliances

We have significant experience in negotiating joint ventures and strategic alliances to maximize the benefits for the shareholders of the Company and create synergies. As part of this analysis, we will:
+ Value - Analyse the value of a joint venture in the context of the ongoing corporate strategy and determine where value can be derived for the Company;
+ Structuring - Analyse potential structures of the joint venture to determine which best meets the client’s strategic goals;
+ Memorandum - Develop a memorandum which outlines future corporate strategy, structure and the basis of future cooperation between the Company and the JV partners;
+ Valuations - Value the assets to be transferred into the joint venture;
+ Transfers - Assist in negotiations to transfer assets, licenses and investment focus to the new entity; and
+ Project Management - Coordinate the completion of the transaction, including assistance in negotiations with the other JV partner.