Management buy-outs (MBOs) & Management buy-ins (MBIs)

With our extensive knowledge of available financing sources and our global network of funding relationships, Dok Capital can assist management buy-out and buy-in clients by:
+ Objectives - Meeting with our client to assess strategic and financial objectives and evaluate the feasibility of a buy-out/buy-in proposal;
+ Business Plan - Assisting management in drafting a balanced business plan to be presented to potential funding sources;
+ Value Driver Model - Developing a financial model of the transaction which enables the client to identify key value drivers and perform sensitivity analyses;
+ Financing Sources - Introducing the client to financing sources and assisting in the presentations to and negotiations with such financing sources;
+ Vendor Terms - Negotiating sale and purchase contract terms including purchase price and warranties and indemnities;
+ Financing Terms - Negotiating with financing sources and assisting in the drafting of Shareholders’ and Loan Agreements.