Dok Capital

+ Founded in 2016, Dok Capital is an independent advisory services firm engaged in:
- Investment Banking Advisory Services,
- CEO/CFO Office. Restructuring & Direct Investment,
- Portfolio Management Services, and,
- Multifamily Office.
+ Our team – formed by ex-CEOs, CFOs, Private Equity Professionals, Investment Bankers and Portfolio Managers – is experienced, agile and committed with a strong domestic & international track-record.
+ Our service lines are run by professionals with wide successful experience and reputation:
- Over 60 M&A deals
- Over 10 restructuring processes
- Award winning team
+ We offer financial advisory services and tailored solutions for our clients with a unique independent approach.
+ Through our offices in Madrid and Barcelona and our international network, we take a global approach while we maintain our independence.
+ Our interests are aligned with those of our clients to add value through creative solutions adapted to their needs.
+ As a private and medium-sized partnership we are focused in long-lasting relationships.