Our Values

Dok Capital is all about providing outstanding service and outcomes for our clients and great careers for our staff. The key to outperforming is our culture of:

Excellence and long-run strategy

We set high standards and pursue them intensely focused on long run sustainable goals.
We are driven by our passion to learn and accumulate knowledge relevant to business strategy and management.

Integrity Independence

We run our business with openness, honesty, respect, independence and fairness. We are the owners of our firm and owe ourselves to our clients. Dok Capital’s independence enables us to avoid conflicts of interest and to offer bespoke investment solutions for companies and their shareholders.


Dok Capital aims to solve clients´ problems and also satisfy their needs, seeking long term relationships.

Constant Improvement

Critical thinking and the search for excellence are the pillars of our behavior. We strive to offer our clients the most suitable products and services in the markets in which we operate.

Constant Innovation

Our entrepreneurial spirit is the key towards creative solutions that enable our clients and ourselves to face the challenges and opportunities generated in a constantly-changing environment with success.

Team Oriented

Organized as a partnership we balance the management autonomy of our partners with accountability. We work in teams and focus on success as a team. Dok Capital´s strength lies in the unique blend of technical excellence, human quality, compromise and diversity in an environment of respect and mutual support.